Guild Resources:

Here you will find articles to help you get started and better understand the workings of the MMCG.

Bands and Companies

Form your own band of mercenaries within the MMCG! Find out how on this page.

Finding the Reality in Fantasy

This article addresses the issues of adapting your favorite fantasy archetypes, weapons, costumes and armor to a historical model suitable for use within the MMCG.

Heraldic Display in the MMCG

Descriptions of the recognized displays of arms in the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild and who is permitted to use different displays.

Ranks and Titles

Ever want to know what it takes to be a knight or a captain? Well you can find that here.

Responsibilities of Knighthood

The questions we must now ask ourselves are: to what extent does the institution of knighthood within the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild reflect the historical model?  How are the virtues of knighthood kept alive amongst the members of our group?  And what should it mean to be a knight?

Rolls Armorial

Here you will be able to see what your favorite Knight will be wearing to battle this year.























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