Events: Weekly Practice

Practice is held every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. Our regular meeting space is at the main entrance near Academy & Maizeland.

All that is needed in order to get started with the MMCG is enthusiasm and imagination--the rest can be learned bit by bit. We will have loaner weapons available for use at each practice for interested parties. The minimum age for participation in the MMCG is 14 (with parental permission).

In order to regularly participate at MMCG events or practices, participants must fill out a Release of Liability Waiver, which may be downloaded as a PDF here.

"Normal" practice schedules look like this:

"Icebreaker" Game to get everybody going.
Special Focus. This can be anything from "we're going into the hills to practice ambushes" to "we're going to practice formations" to "we're going to do a bunch more games."
Melee again (or 3)
Weapon or technique focus. This would be a specific focus on something like "proper footwork" or "effective spear use" or the like.
1-on-1 or as you like it in the field. This would be cool-down sporadic fighting between individuals or small groups.
Last Game (bear pit, etc...)
Coming Attractions (brief discussion of next week's special focus)

  Black Falcon School of Arms:

The Black Falcon School of Arms is a subgroup of the MMCG that focuses solely upon strictly historical technique interpretation and extrapolation from medieval texts. At present, it generally meets at the same time as the regular MMCG practice.



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