Events: Mercenary Wars
  Melee Crush

Our original event, usually held in mid summer, lasts the duration of a weekend, and is held annually.  More than just a two-day fighting practice, this event is generally the culmination of our year's practice and preparation in many fields. It is at the Mercenary Wars that the year's Sunwarden shall be chosen.

Mercenary Wars generally includes: 

  • Tournaments (Archery, Longsword, etc...)
  • Scenario Battles (Shield Wall on the Hill, Take the Bridge, etc...)
  • Feasting
  • Medieval songs and music around the fire pit
  • The Night Battle!

In more recent years, it has also included treasure hunts, riddling contests, medieval board games (for war points) and much more.

Mercenary Wars Picture Gallery V-XII and Picture Gallery XIII-XX

Click here for the Mercenary Wars XV info page.

Sunwardens Past and Present

The Sunwarden is the warrior who embodies the mythic qualities of the Summer Lords of old, who have long passed into history. Each year, mercenaries fight, puzzle and plot to be the one who will bear the ring, banner, badge, tome, and the flammard greatsword of the Sunwardens--Brightfang--for the following year.

Mercenary Wars XII: Ser Owen Godwinesson
Mercenary Wars XIII: Sir Aaron Romanus
Mercenary Wars XIV: Sir Trian Gaeth
      (Captain Georgia Rose Malmsey appointed Sun Steward)
Mercenary Wars XV: Richard Wyatt
Mercenary Wars XVI: Ahearn Condon (current)

1st Annal

The Annals of our first Mercenary Wars.

2nd Annal

The Annals of our second Mercenary Wars.

5th Annal

The Annals of our fifth Mercenary Wars--(now in skaldic verse for your convenience!)

5th Chronicle

Fragmentary Chronicles of the Fifth Mercenary Wars.

6th Annal

The Annals of our sixth Mercenary Wars.

7th Annal

The Annals of our seventh Mercenary Wars.

Cynara's MercWars 7 Ruminations.

8th Chronicle

Fragmentary Chronicles of the Eighth Mercenary Wars.

8th Annal

The Annals of our eighth Mercenary Wars.

9th Annal

The Annals of our ninth Mercenary Wars.

10th Annal

The Annals of our tenth Mercenary Wars.



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