Kingmaker's Tournament
Fighting at the Kingmaker's Tourney

Kingmaker's Tournament

What: Champions' Style Tourney in which challengers strive to replace the champions on the field.

When: Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Where: Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs

The Kingmaker's Tourney is an annual tournament held near the anniversary of the Battle of Towton, which took place on March 29th, 1461. It is estimated to have been the bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil, claiming nearly 1% of the country's entire population in casualties in a single day.

An important personage participating in that battle was Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick, who later earned the moniker "Kingmaker." To learn more about him, check out the Wikipedia Page.

In past years, the Kingmaker's Tournament has been organized on the basis of individual challenges based on weapon choice. Three weapons combinations have been contested: sword, sword and shield, and any weapon.

Past Winners of the Kingmaker's Tournament

Kingmaker's Tourney (2008)
(Last Man Standing Style)

Sword: Sir Trian Gaeth
Sword & Shield: Aaron Romanus
Dagger: She Who is the Sister of Georgia
Any Weapon: Sir Trian Gaeth

Kingmaker's Tourney II (2009)
(Most Victories Style)

Sword: Ser Owen Godwinesson (1st)
      Ser Maelgrim Crowther (2nd)
      Aaron Romanus, Escuier (3rd)

Sword & Shield: Aaron Romanus, Escuier (1st)
      Ser Owen Godwinesson (2nd)
      Collin the Bloody (3rd)

Any Weapon: Ser Maelgrim Crowther (1st)
      Ser Owen Godwinesson (2nd)
      Aaron Romanus, Escuier (3rd)

Kingmaker's Tourney III (2010)
(Most Victories Style)

Sword: Ser Maelgrim Crowther (1st)
      Collin the Bloody (2nd)
      Madoc Finch, Officer (3rd)

Sword & Shield: Ser Owen Godwinesson (1st)
      Ser Maelgrim Crowther (2nd)
      Remmar (3rd)

Any Weapon: Ser Owen Godwinesson (1st)
      Collin the Bloody (2nd)
      Remmar (3rd)

Kingmaker's Tourney IV (2011)
(Most Victories Style)

Sword: Ahearn Condon (1st)
     Captain Georgia Malmsey, Escuier (2nd)
     Kjell (3rd)

Sword & Shield: Sir Aaron Romanus (1st)
     Herr Lantz von Falkenstein (2nd)
     Captain Georgia Malmsey, Escuier (3rd)

Any Weapon: Herr Lantz von Falkenstein (1st)
     Sir Aaron Romanus (2nd)
     Ahearn Condon (3rd)



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