The Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild is now more than a decade old. To learn how the madness began (and still continues) follow the links below.


In the beginning, there was Ben, born into the family of Roberts.

And Ben was raised on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, and Willow, and Dungeons & Dragons, and upon images of brave knights in their burnished plate armor.  And his parents took him to an SCA event called Mayfaire when he was but a small lad....

The First Year or So

It was not long after Ben's sixteenth birthday party that he and his friends were going into the hills of Palmer Park just about every chance they could get, armed with padded boffer swords and wooden duct-taped daggers....

The Birth of the Mercenary Wars

Well, once it had been said, it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world.  "We should have a war."  Of course!  And so, the four friends excitedly started to sketch out the plans for the first Mercenary Wars there on an old white-box style Macintosh in the computer lab, much to the annoyance of the lab supervisor....


For Zane had been inspired - whether by the Mercenary Wars or his own fencing experiences, it is not known.  And he gathered together many of his own friends and founded the fighting group known as Parable...

New Directions

And it was in the winter following the sixth Mercenary War that the group decided another event was needed to entertain the lust of the fight. It was in early January that the first Frost War was held.

Ever On and On

There followed years of gradual increase in the scope and depth of research in the MMCG . . .



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