Held during the early winter, Frostwar is the smaller sibling-event of Mercenary Wars.  Rather than taking place over a weekend, Frostwar is conducted during the course of a single day.  Participants are given points as a reward for working well with their warband or on their own, and the warrior who has amassed the most points at the end of the day is named Frostlord for one year.

Frostwar XI is set for December 29th, 2012 beginning at 11 am.

Frostlords Past and Present

The Frostlord is the warrior who embodies the mythic qualities of the Winter Lords of old, who have long passed into history. Each year, mercenaries fight, puzzle and plot to be the one who will bear the ring, badge, banner, and the partisan of the Frostlords--Frostburn--for the following year.

Frostwar I: Jarl Snorri, Sir Ralamean and Erik Blood-Axe (3-way tie)
Frostwar II: Sir Flynn Sure-Shot
Frostwar III: Rowena von Falkenstein
Frostwar IV: James Swift
Frostwar V: Sir Trian Gaeth
Frostwar VI: Sir Aaron Romanus
Frostwar VII: Ser Maelgrim Crowther
Frostwar VIII: Lady Faelan
Frostwar IX: Georgia Rose Malmsey
Frostwar X: Sir Aaron Romanus (current)

Past Frostwars

Frostwar I
Frostwar II
Frostwar III
Frostwar IV
Frostwar V
Frostwar VI
Frostwar VII (the Ill-Fated)

Frostwar Picture Gallery

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