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Frost War VII

Aaron Romanus escuier thrusts at John (out of frame) while Bors de Bretagne and Georgia Malmsey confer in the background

Held again at Black Forest Regional Park, this Frostwar bears the title of "Ill-Fated."

Having more or less enjoyed the company of the Melee folk in the prior Frostwar, the colonists of Sanctus Azathoth were invited again to come partake in games and fighting. This time, with the exception of a single battle, all fights would be mixed (such that both MMCG and Melee folk fought against one another and side by side). The Frostlord was to be chosen by a system of ribbon trades and challenges throughout the event.

The Deeds done at the Seventh Frostwar were as follows:

  • MMCG vs. Melee

In keeping with the previous year, the forces of Sanctus Azathoth and the MMCG arrayed themselves across the field from one another and did battle. As before, the superior numbers of the Melee crew stood them in good stead (although there were fewer than there had been in the previous year, and thus their victory was achieved by a narrower margin). So far, things were going well.

  • First Ribbon Battle

Thirty ribbons were scattered throughout the woods, and all warriors were commanded to disperse on their own and to look for them. The goal was for each warrior to fight for their own victory in securing a ribbon, without regard to their group allegiance.

Here the trouble started. For instead of seeking the ribbons singly--each for his own benefit--many warriors of Sanctus Azathoth grouped together in small bands to collect the ribbons for their colony's gain, or sought out single members of the MMCG to engage en masse. Some were heard to openly disdain the tules of the game, voicing instead their preference simply to fight for fighting's sake.

In addition, during the battle, a few members of Dagorhir arrived to particpate as well, and having arrived quite late, were not noticed nor greeted many there present. Thus they felt most spurned and did not understand the rules by which the event was to transpire.

  • Haves vs. Have-Nots

At this point, those who had secured ribbons for themselves in the previous battle were meant to band together as a single team, while those who had no ribbons were meant to do likewise. Thus, two teams of equal size were meant to face off on the battlefield, again fighting for possession of the ribbons.

Instead, many of the Melee folk had discarded their ribbons in the woods, and voiced their opinion that the battle should be another MMCG vs. Melee battle. Though not all among their group shared this unmannerly approach to guesthood, some tension began to develop. The battle went poorly, for there was much confusion and some small amount of open dissention amongst those gathered concerning the rules of engagement and the division of teams.

By the end, many tempers had begun to wear thin, and many among the MMCG were heard to mutter that they felt to be unwelcome guests at their own event.

  • Raze the Frostlord

Abandoning the rest of their planned games, the MMCG folk chose to move straight to the "Raze the Frostlord" battle, during which the reigning Frostlord--Aaron Romanus, escuier--would choose some few to stand with him against the assembled hordes. Each of his adversaries would require only a single hit to kill, while he and his cadre would count their hits normally, including their armor.

Again, confusion reigned, as many of the Melee folk did not understand the limitations placed upon their endurance of strokes for this battle, and thus felt that they were being treated unfairly. In addition, many mercenaries felt the Melee folk to be flouting the rules, unaware that simple ignorance was the cause of the misunderstanding. Following this battle, several members of the MMCG chose to take their leave rather than risk openly losing their tempers.

  • Capture the Flag

At this point, many of the Melee folk suggested a game of Capture the Flag in the field. The MMCG being far outnumbered at this point, a vote would have been meaningless, so they acceded to the suggestion. Several MMCG folk were heard to mutter that they felt to be unwanted guests at their own event. Many strongly-made strokes were exchanged between both groups, regardless of their team allegiance during the game--both adrenaline and tempers having waxed.

One Dagorhir guest head-butted a wooden shield (to the great befuddlement of those there gathered) and reported a nasty bruise and temporary loss of hearing in one ear as a result. Ser Maelgrim and another Dagorhir guest exchanged accidental face strikes, resulting in a black eye for Maelgrim and a reported sinus injury for the Dagorhir guest.

Finally, the remaining members of the MMCG, feeling sore and ill-used, and the Dagorhir guests, feeling sore and ill-used, quit the field and left it to the colonists of Sanctus Azathoth, who continued their game of Capture the Flag.

  • The Feast

Following the travails of the day, the mercenaries retired to Ser Owen and Merewyn's manor, where they held a great feast. There they were joined by a single doughty member of the colony of sanctus Azathoth, who went by the name of Ben.

After Ben had departed with many thanks for hospitality, many there present vented their frustration at the turn of events taken during this war, and it was decided by unanimous accord that other fighting groups would no longer be welcome at either Frostwar or the Mercenary Wars--the potential for confusion and bruised feelings (and cheekbones) being too great to hazard.

At that point, those assembled voted by secret ballot who should be the Frostlord for the year--the planned method of choosing having been disregarded due to the chaos that had ensued. And it was decided that Ser Maelgrin Crowther should bear Frostburn and the snowflake badge for a year, until the title would once again fall into dispute.

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