Events: Frostwar 6


Frost War VI

Sir Gengulphus, Herr Lantz and Sir Trian Gaeth await the final onslaught in the hill battle

This year, rather than writing the traditional Chronicles as a relatively brief description of the events as they took place, we decided to have fun with writing a multi-part narrative. We fought against (and later on, alongside) the Colorado Springs chapter of Melee in this war, who name themselves the Colony of Sanctus Azathoth.

Several authors contributed to this work--see if you can guess which MMCG members wrote which parts.

The Deeds done at the Sixth Frostwar were as follows:

Prelude: Declaration
Interlude: Preparation
Scherzo: Limitation
Interlude: Desperation
Allegro: Determination
Postlude: Accomodation

In total, this Chronicle is about 25 pages. Material is copyrighted 2008, Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild.

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