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Frost War V

Faydra and Lady Faelan press their advantage against Trian Gaeth esquire during the Duke Battle

With two blizzards leading up to the Fifth Frost War, deep snow drifts covered the ground. Though picturesque, the weather had made roads in Black Forest trecherous and therefore, it was decided that Frost War would be held instead in Palmer Park.

Ten hearty souls ventured out that day to engage in battle with Merewyn, cheerfully volunteering to act as photographer again. The title of frostlord would be chosen by secret ballot at the feast following the event. Accordingly, teams were seperated out ahead of time and those chosen would remain together throughout the day.

The Deeds done at the Fifth Frostwar were as follows:

  • Piers Ploughman

In accordance with the weather, a grumpy ranger was clearing away snow from the parking area as the participants arived that frosty morn. At one point, he managed to get himself and his rig stuck on a mound of snow; Ser Maelgrim and Ser Owen went to offer some assistance but the fellow did refuse in a manner that sounded to the pair like, "get away from me freaks." Owen then did dub the man "Piers," to the amusement of some and the befuddlement of others.

  • Captains' Duel

The first event held was the captains' duel. Sir Gengulphus and Ser Maelgrim had previously agreed to serve as captains and faced each other with longswords. Through great prowess, Maelgrim emerged victorious; his prize was to choose either defense or attack for the next battle.

  • Defence Battle

Taking it in turns, each team mounted an assault on the other's encampment. Having won the captains' duel, Ser Maelgrim's team chose to defend first - the first assault would count for war points and the second would simply offer the other team a chance to play the other role.

As Sir Gengulphus' team approached the "causeway of death," a ferocious artilery assault was launched by the defenders. The artillery, however, prooved ineffectual - being naught but snowballs - and the attackers came on. The assault was slow at first, and Trian Gaeth's armor prooved difficult to penetrate but the attackers overcame the defenses and slaughtered all within, loosing only a few of their number. One war point was awarded to the team for this feat and the score stood at 1-0 in favor of Sir Gengulphus's team.

Then Sir Gengulphus' team took up a defensive position in their own encampment and prepared to be launched against. This time, the defenders won the battle through a stout battlement which allowed only a narrow approach.

  • Field Battle

Then the group moved to a clearing and prepared to do battle in the open. This battle allowed for special rules - each person was allowed three lives and was required to touch one of two "regeneration posts" to return to the fray. Again, it was the stout armor of Trian Gaeth that concerned Gengulphus. Ser Owen volunteered to engage in a grapple with him so that the others might strike him down. Three times did Owen valiantly charge in, once even managing to get behind Trian and lay open his throat with his longsword; however, each bold charge also proved to be the end of Ser Owen, as Trian's teamates took the opportunity to pummell Owen from the back while he was occupied with Trian.

In the end, the efforts of Owen and his teammates prooved to be too little as Maelgrim's team overcame and laid waste to their opponents. For their skill, Maelgrim's team was awarded one war point, thus bringing the tally to a 1-1 tie.

  • The Duke Battle

The next engagement involved the choosing of a "duke" prior to the battle. Each team chose it's lieutenant to serve in this reguard, Nicholas de Netley acted as duke for Ser Maelgrim's team, and Ser Owen held the honor for Sir Gengulphus'.

The purpose of this battle was to: First-defeat the other team, Second-kill the other team's duke (though the duke was unknown to the enemy team) and lastly-to keep one's own duke alive. Ser Gengulphus' split his team to great effect. Circling to the right, he drew the attention of some in the other team's formation while the remainder of his team circled left, to avoid the glaive of Trian Gaeth and pick off other members of the team. By the time Gengulphus fell, the numbers were four to three in favor of his own team. Ser Owen then took on the role of flanker and managed to pick off Ser Maelgrim and then Nicholas with his patented "stabber McGee" approach.

Faydra, Lady Faelan and Ser Owen were then able to overcome Trian through force of numbers (and a little stabber McGee action) and thus won the battle. One point was awarded for winning the battle, one for killing the duke and one additional point was awarded since one team's duke had killed the other; Gengulphus declined this additional point in the interest of keeping the event competative making the score 3-1 with Ser Maelgrim's team trailing.

  • The Battle of Ten

This battle allowed each participant 10 lives, but armor had no effect and each good blow counted as a kill.

Back-stabbery served both teams well throughout the engagement but it was the exquisite stealth blows of Sir Gengulphus's team that brought down Ser Maelgrim's cohort. After the battle, it was said by all that they had suffered more deaths from behind than from the front.

Sir Gengulphus' team was awarded another war point for the victory, increasing their lead to three.

  • Ribbon Battle

The captians then took their teams aside, and divided them into groups of two, each duo was presented with a colored ribbon which determined which duo they would face from the other team - this method ensured the neither captain could know whom each pair might face.

Sir Flynn Sureshot and Faydra were fated to face Trian Gaeth esquire and Nicholas de Netley; Ser Owen Godwinesson and Lady Faelan faced Sir Ralemean of Ramsey and Anette Marie; Ser Maelgrim Crother again dueled with Sir Gengulphus. The latter two battles ended first, with Ser Maelgrim and Ser Owen and Lady Faelan winning their matches. Thus, the battle between Flynn and Faydra and Trian and Nicholas was the deciding engagement.

Tiran and Nicholas emerged victorious and claimed one war point for their team, bring the score closer at 4-2.

  • Woods Battle

Having won the previous engagement, Ser Maelgrim's team had the choice of marching off into the woods to prepare an assault or allowing the other team to do so. They chose the former and set off to select a formidable location for a defense of Ser Owen's standard (which was the only on available for use).

It was the task of Ser Gengulphus' team to retrieve the standard from the woods and return with it safely to the clearing. After a short lead time, Ser Gengulphus' team set off along a wooded path in pursuit of the others. When they came upon them, they found that Maelgrim's team had taken up a position high on a steep hill with a precipitous wall of rocks guarding their rear and flanks. After a few of the attackers made an attempt on the location, it was decided that the icy conditions of the hillside made an encounter too dangerous and Maelgrim's team agreed to choose another location.

This time, they took up a position in a small gully where the reach of Trian's glaive and Maelgrim's spear would serve them well. Sir Gengulphus, Sir Flynn and Faydra engaged in a frontal assault while Ser Owen and Lady Faelan flanked from the rear. Before long, only Faelan and Trian remained and the two locked with each other and grappled. While greatly outsized, Faelan struggled mightily and was able to wrest the glaive from Trian's grip, although she in turn released control of her own sword to him. The battle ended when Trian was able to deliver the final blow, thus securing one more war point for his team.

The final tally for Frost War V stood - 4 points for the team of Sir Gengulphus, Ser Owen Godwinesson, Sir Flynn Sureshot, Lady Faelan and Faydra and 3 points for the team of Ser Maelgrim Crother, Sir Ralemean of Ramsey, Trian Gaeth esquire, Nicholas de Netley and Anette Marie.

  • The Feast

After a day of campaigning, the two teams came together for an evening of feasting and merry making. Each brought a dish of some delicacy to share and the group enjoyed the companionship of friends.

During the feast, it was determined that Nicholas de Netley, with his participation in Frost War V, had completed the requirements for rank of Yeoman, and was awarded the same title.

The first order of business once all had proven themselves tenterbellies, was to pass out ballots and have each participant cast a ballot for the person they felt most deserving of the title of Frost Lord. After all the lots had been counted, the consensus was that Trian Gaeth esquire had proved himself worthy that day, and by virtue of his prowess at war (along with having received the most blows to the face) should hold the title of Frost Lord until the following year, when it would once again fall into dispute.

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