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Frost War IV
Ser Owen faces off against his foes during the Buckler Defense

The Fourth Frostwar was held on December 31, 2005. Old Man Winter was apparently on sabbatical as the weather had been unseasonable warm throughout the week leading up to the event. Still, several heavy snowfalls of previous weeks left their mark on Black Forest Regional Park in intermittent patches. The band was fortunate again this year to have a designated photographer in Merewyn, Owen's wife.

The title of Frostlord would be awarded to the combatant who found himself or herself on the winning side of the battles most often along with displaying his or her prowess in several individual trials.

The Deeds done at the Fouth Frostwar were as follows:

  • Field Battles

Several field battles were staged to begin the day and to prepare the combatants for further events. Although these battles were not counted in the tally of points to decide the Frostlord, everyone collected "funsies" as they ran about bashing thier opponents into submission. It was decided that Faelan, who had been smashed in the head and recieved a scrape had collected the lion's share of funsies and therefore was offered the reward of a pine cone, which she nobly refused.

  • Woods Battle

The first event held for war points was the woods battle. Vlademir Ylseniv and James Swift volunteered to serve as captains for the two teams and selected teams in schoolyard fashion. Vlademir's small war band forayed into the woods and awaited the other. An attempt to set an ambush that was designed to take out James's archer backfired as Vlademir's hiding place was discovered and James's cohort moved to attack him rather than to face the rest of Vlademir's force, who had assembled in a fasion as to bring James's archer's back to face the lone assailant. It was thus that both cohorts were decimated leaving Faydra the sole survivor and bringing victory to James's band.

  • Defend the Hut Battle

Following the woods battle, the group followed the path up a hill and on the summit was discovered a small hut, open in the front and closed from three sides. It was decided that some of the combatants should take up positions inside the small structure and attempt to defend it from an onslaught by the remainder of the force. Ser Owen, Lady Faelan and Katja steped into the hut first and prepared to defend it. The small size of the hut, combined with the sheer numbers of attackers proved the undoing of the trio, and though they remained alive for an extended time, they eventualy were picked apart by the biting sting of the asailants' weapons. A second attempt to defend the hut was made and Ser Maelgrim joined the side of the defenders, making a tight squeeze even tighter. Again the attackers prevailed.

It was decided afterward that the scheme was too strongly set in favor of the attackers; and so, those who had first volunteered to defend, Owen, Faelan and Katja, were each awarded one war point.

  • Defend the Buckler

Having satisfied their lust for battle within the woods, the group returned to the main field to resupply and undertake yet another test of thei skill. Owen placed a small leather buckler in the center of the field and asked that seven of the cohort offer to defend it while the other five attacked in an attempt to make contact with the buckler. Designed to cause one team to remain in one place and hold formation while allowing the other to move freely and experiment with tactics, the battle was a great success. During the first assault, two archers were employed to great effect, diminishing the numbers of the defenders. In the end, it was a leap for the buckler by James that brought the victory, and the war points, to the attacking team. A second assault on the buckler was mounted, with teams switched up, and this time it was decided that archers would not be permitted. The lack of archers took away the ability of the attackers to remain out of range of the defenders and the defenders won the victory.

  • The Three Trials of Combat

The final point gathering event was held along the forest path. Lady Faelan, Ser Maelgrim and Ser Owen walked into the woods and the others were instructed to wait at the head of the path for a horn blast that would signal for them to procede, unarmed and one at a time, down the path. As the participants traveled the path, they were first met by Lady Faelan, who was armed with only a dagger and instructed the oncomer to attempt to disarm her without being killed themselves. Only two combatants, Lady Cynara and Vlademir were able to overcome Lady Faelan and recieve the password, "baby rabbit risotto."

Proceding further down the path, the individual them came upon Ser Maelgrim, who provided them with a dagger but was armed, himself, with a longsword. If the oncomer gave the correct password, they were told that it would only take three good blows with the dagger to fell him; if the incorect password was given, it would take six blows. Three combatants, Lady Cynara, Sir Flynn and Vlademir were able to overcome Ser Maelgrim and were given the pasword, "cabbage."

Ser Owen was last along the path and as the participants approched, they saw that he was armed with shield and spear and offered them a short sword. Again, the correct password allowed a kill in only three blows while an incorrect one doubled the number required. Two combatants, Sir Flynn and James were able to overcome Ser Owen through bold action. Every person was awarded one point for participation and one further point for each victory achieved.

  • One-on-All

Hoping to emulate the great heroes of legend, Ser Maelgrim desired to test his skill against the assembled might of the rest of the force, although no points would be awarded for such an endeavor. Maelgrim was sumarily killed by the onslaught but valliantly caried himself throughout the encounter and took several of the attackers with him. Ser Owen and James also took turns in the same fashion and both met with similar fates.

Points were then tallied and it was discovered that Lady Cynara, Sir Flynn and James all held five points. Because James had voluntered to lead a band during the woods battle and had also been responsible for the victory in the buckler battle, it was decided among the peers that James should hold the sole claim to the title and thus he was awarded the title of Frostlord for the year, until it shall again fall into debate.

The group then journeyed to Subway for lunch and then parted ways. Because it was the eve of the New Year, it was decided that there would be no feast this year so that all the assembled could partake of their own revelry.

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