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Frost War III
Warm-up fighting

The third Frostwar was held on January 2nd, 2005. Although lacking the picturesque weather of Frostwar II, snow and ice lay in intermittent patches throughout the Black Forest, and winters bite was in the air.

It was decided that the title of Frostlord would be awarded through proof of descent from the mythical first Frostlord, Eorl of the North. To this end, claims of nobility could be won, detailing the genealogy of your supposed descent.

The deeds done in the Third Frostwar were as follows:

  • Lineage Tournament

In order to prove that the bellicose blood of Eorl flowed through their veins, the assembled fighters took their turns at fighting in a tournament against one another. Ser Maelgrim Crouthur, Sir Ralamean of Ramsey and Jarl Snorri judged the solid strokes from the poor, and in the end, Sir Flynn of Knightshire won both the tournament and a claim of nobility through arms.

  • Drawing Straws

To acknowledge the random nature of noble birth, the remaining fighters drew straws to determine who would win the claim of nobility through luck. Rowena Lancaster drew last, and drew the short straw, thereby winning the second claim.

  • Herald Battle

Now, as competing claimants for the title of Frostlord, both Sir Flynn and Rowena chose out small war bands to do battle on their behalf. Each leader would act as Herald for their own band, but take no part in combat themselves. When the dust had cleared, it was Sir Flynn’s band that had won victory.

  • The Three Challenges

Choosing new war bands (this time excluding Ser Maelgrim, Sir Ralamean and Jarl Snorri), the Sir Flynn and Rowena set forth into the woods to meet their three challenges. The first was a challenge of chivalry. Jarl Snorri stood astride the path and demanded that each captain make choice of sacrifice: themselves or one of their teammates. Rowena chose to sacrifice herself, while on Sir Flynn’s team, Lady Cynara volunteered to be sacrificed. Next, the diminished teams came upon Ser Maelgrim and Sir Ralamean, who demanded a champion from each team be offered up for an unspecified challenge. Sir Flynn chose Faydra from his ranks, and from Rowena’s team Herr Lanze Lancaster volunteered. Ser Maelgrim and Sir Ralamean then led Faydra and Herr Lanze into the deep woods and ordered them to duel. Herr Lanze won, and was secretly awarded a third claim of nobility. Finally, the last remaining members of each war band were made to answer a riddle. Ser Maelgrim asked John (representing Rowena’s band): “Castles crumble. Weapons rust. Cattle perish. What lives forever?” (Answer: fame). Sir Ralamean asked Sir Flynn “What is best in life?” (Answer: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”) At the head of the trail, each team was made to face Ser Maelgrim, Sir Ralamean and Jarl Snorri in combat. Because Rowena had sacrificed herself, she was not allowed to fight alongside her team, and because Lady Cynara had sacrificed herself - but not being the warband’s captain - she was made to fight against her teammates alongside the three challengers. In his battle against the three, Sir Flynn sustained a grievous wound to the shin.

  • The Grail Guardians

Convening under the spare shelter of a gazebo, Ser Maelgrim, Sir Ralamean and Herr Lanze held the entrance against all others assembled. Behind them in the center of the enclosure was a brass goblet - the objective of the other team. The rule was simple - the only entrance allowed was over the bridge (sidewalk), of which there was only one. Anybody stepping off the sidewalk before entering the gazebo was judged to have fallen off the bridge to their death. After several minutes of combat, Lanze (the last defender) fell and Faydra stole the grail, achieving victory.

  • The Woods Battle

After the woods battle, the group stopped by Subway for lunch, and then retired to their homes to make ready for the feast. Once again, it was a potluck affair of medieval and quasi-medieval food. At the end of the feast each claimant declared the number of points they had amassed over the course of the day for victories. Then each of the rest of the assembled mercenaries pledged their own points in support of one candidate or another. And so it was that Rowena Lancaster was voted to hold stewardship of the title of Frostlord for the year, until it shall again fall into debate.

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