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Frost War II
The Friar of Photography lays a blessing upon his flock

The Second Frostwar was held on January 3rd, 2004.  This time, the weather was pleasantly snowy, mantling the entirety of Black Forest Regional Park under a blanket of pale white.  Also, “Merctoons” Mike Hruban accompanied us as the Friar of Photography.  (Hey, if you have a better nickname, then out with it!)  The dark woods in the white snow were a perfect scenic backdrop for this Second Frostwar.

The deeds done in the Second Frostwar were as follows: 

  • Field Battles
  • Snowy Woods Battles
  • The Quest of Three Knights

Three knights stood along the snow-shrouded trail, waiting for challengers.  The first challenge was one of wit:  Sir Ralamean of Ramsey asked ancient riddles.  If the challenger failed to guess the answer, then he was forced to engage Ralamean in combat.  The second challenge was one of dexterity: Lady Cynara deWakeley guarded a treasure chest bound to a tree.  If the challenger could unlock the chest and take from within a token of their success without being thrice-pierced by Cynara’s arrows, then they could pass on.  The last challenge was one of strength: the challengers fought Ser Maelgrim Crowther in single combat.

  • Defend the Princess Battle

Four armored guards sought to defend the fair stuffed Princess, while the remainder of the warriors sought to kidnap her from her refuge against the snow.

  • Herald Battles

On each team, one warrior would stand as herald and yell out commands to his troops.  Each team’s herald sought to out-maneuver the other in battlefield tactics.  The idea for this type of battle was enthusiastically welcomed, and will certainly be repeated with more troops in the future.

The feast was a potluck affair of various and sundry medieval and quasi-medieval fare, and quite satisfying, at that.  Poems were composed (but amusingly, never read), and Owen showed off his dazzlingly embroidered tunic.

Sir Flynn of Knightshire was declared Frostlord for the next twelve months, when the title shall once again fall into debate, and was presented with a badge bearing the device of the snowflake upon its blue field in honor of the title.

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