Events: Frostwar I


Frost War I
Cynara takes aim

The first Frostwar was held on January 4th  2003.

The deeds done in Frostwar were as follows: 

  • Field Battle
  • Armored Woods Battle (the first ever armor-for-points battle)
  • Standard Bearer Battle
  • Palisade Assault

Faelan distinguished herself in combat during a test of endurance, and thus completed the required tasks for achieving knighthood.  Henceforth she earned the right to be addressed as Lady Faelan.

At the end of the day, there was a tie for points to determine who should bear the mantle of Frostlord.  Therefore, Sir Ralamean, Jarl Snorri and Erik were all three awarded the title (until it shall fall into debate once more).

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