History: Ever On and On
Ser Maelgrim Crowther and Sir Trian Gaeth grapple at the sword in the first Kingmaker's Tourney--the new spring event.

There followed years of gradual increase in the scope and depth of research in the MMCG. Mælgrim and Owen delved ever further into the historical fighting texts left behind by medieval masters at arms. Lady Ceolmhor and Yeoman Nicholas de Netley both pursued PhD's in medieval history. And Mælgrim and Owen began a good-natured authenticity cold war in which they regularly attempted to outshine one another on extravagent and authentic dress, armor, weaponry and food.

New recruits Georgia Rose Malmsey and Madoc Finch played a defining role in the development of the group, for as the senior members sought ways to entice and educate new members, the mission and goals of the MMCG grew ever clearer and more well-defined. As a result, those two members in particular advanced more quickly in understanding and in skill than had previous new members. And Mælgrim began to ask himself how he could better arrange the structure of the MMCG to accurately reflect that of a medieval mercenary company.

At this time, Ser Owen devised a new a wondrous way of fashioning weaponry that matched the handling and weight of steel far better than previous foam fighting weapons. And the skill level of the group rose that much further as their weapons and armor drew closer to actual medieval artifacts. Owen also constructed all manner of devices for creating authentic shields, arrows and woven trim. And the mercenaries marveled at his industry and drive.

In these times, it came to pass that the group created three more annual events to accompany the Mercenary Wars and Frostwar. In the spring, the Kingmaker's Tourney--named for Earl Richard Beauchamp "the Kingmaker"--gave fighters another reason to hone their skills and try for prizes. Shortly following was the Butts of Saint Sebastian Archery Tournament. In the autumn, the Heruesttyde event helped to stave off the post-Mercwars lull that had been a regular (albeit unintentional) part of the MMCG annual schedule.

It was now also that ranks were introduced within the MMCG. Developed as a way of creating a deeper sense of medieval military atmosphere, and to recognize the work and organizational skills of those who--whether Peers or not--formed the backbone of the group. Thus the ranks of mercenary, officer and captain were formalized.

Captain Georgia Rose Malmsey unleashes the Black Beast of Death against Raoul du Bois during the sword & shield tourney at Mercenary Wars XIII.

Now also did the foam-fighting group known as Melee arrive in Colorado Springs. Much has been said elswhere on this site (particularly in the Frostwar section) of the MMCG's interaction with Melee. When all was said and done, the two groups parted on frosty terms, but both having learned a great deal from one another. In particular, the tactics used by Melee during the sixth Frostwar were instrumental in the MMCG's understanding of the use of formations and skirmishing.

At the 11th Mercenary Wars, Ser Owen established the Noble Order of the Oak--a secret order within the MMCG--to further reflect the attitudes and customs of the medieval period, as well as to recognize certain accomplishments by MMCG members.

By now, 13 Mercenary Wars had come and gone, and the group continued its slow procession towards its unknowable destination. The road goes ever on and on . . .



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