The most exciting parts of our re-creation are, of course, our events.  Being mostly combat-oriented, these events are generally "wars" during which we camp and fight for days at a time, stopping to feast and entertain one another around the fire.

Events Calendar

Want to know the exact date of a specific event without looking through the whole website? Our Events Calendar is just what you need.

the Kingmaker's Tourney

Each year, the MMCG holds an weapons tournament named for Richard Neville, the "Kingmaker," near the anniversary of the Battle of Towton--one of the key events of the so-called Wars of the Roses.

the Butts of Saint Sebastian

Each year, the MMCG holds an archery tournament named for Saint Sebastian--a lucky soul who met his martyrdom in the form of being tied to a post and shot full of arrows. The tourney is held at Bear Creek Regional Park (21st Street Entrance). Equipment must be traditional-style. Further rules and discussion can be found in the Events Fora. The 2009 tourney will be held on May 23rd.

Mercenary Wars

Our original event, usually held in early to mid-summer, lasts the duration of a weekend, and is held annually.  More than just a two-day fighting practice, this event is generally the culmination of our year's practice and preparation in many fields.  Firelight bardic tales, moonlight melees and heroic tournaments highlight our chief event.

Frost Wars

Held during the early winter, Frostwar is the sibling-event of Mercenary Wars.  Emphasizing the winter-locked culture of the Northern lands, Frostwar is a time of fighting and merriment (and a chance for everybody to wear their heavy woolen garb without roasting).

Weekly/Regular Events
Weekly Practice

Every week at Monument Valley Park at 11:00 a.m. practice is held at the Fontanero entrance of the park. Weekly practice can consists of many different types of games or focii, including melee, single combat, technique focus and combat-related games.

  Black Falcon School of Arms:

The Black Falcon School of Arms is a subgroup of the MMCG that focuses solely upon strictly historical technique interpretation and extrapolation from medieval texts. At present, it generally meets at the same time as the regular MMCG practice.



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