History: New Directions
Jarl Snorri picks a fight with the Friar of Photography at Frostwar, the event added so that the MMCG could have a winter war.

And it was in the winter following the sixth Mercenary War that the group decided another event was needed to entertain the lust of the fight. It was in early January that the first Frost War was held.

Frost War was made to be a one day event, since it was in the dead of winter and no one desired to camp in the freezing cold. Various battles were held and a new member was added to the peerage of knights, Lady Faelan.

The event was a resounding success and it was decided that it would be a new annual war.

It was at the seventh Mercenary War that the next major change would be heralded in for the Mercenaries of Shadow and Light.

For Owen had returned to the Mercenaries after a prolonged absence and, again, had changed his name. From this time forth he would be known as Owen Godwinson, a name which, quite conveniently, gave him claim to the throne of England. His return was to be a harbinger of change within the group.

At that war, a new rank was bestowed upon Ceolmohr. She was named the first Knight of the Scroll and thus joined the Peerage. 

Owen's return re-ignited the flame of excitement in Mælgrim's heart and they spent many evenings talking of plans for the future of the group. In the following months, changes would take place that would re-direct the group in a way often considered but never officially pursued.

The group would adopt an official mission, one that emphasized a historical approach to the group as a whole. Sword fighting would still be at the core of the group but scholarly research into other areas of medieval history would also be at the forefront. Emphasis on proper dress, proper names, proper weapons, along with many other things became far more important.

It was decided that the group had grown beyond its old name and a new one should be chosen that better reflected who they were and didn't connote a fantasy emphasis. Mælgrim choose the name Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild, to reflect the new goals and Owen drafted a mission statement.

The group also adopted the squirrel holding a banner as the official arms of the group. Both the name and the arms were chosen to pay tribute to the history of the group.

Mælgrim began teaching sword fighting lessons, and from his rolls the numbers of the group began to grow further. The eighth Mercenary Wars was held in late July and, though rain cancelled the night battle for the first time in the history of the group, it was a great success. And yet another rank was announced--Archer/Yeoman--which was awarded to Lady Cynara deWakelegh.

Following the feast after Mercwars X, a few mercenaries discuss the future of the group. Left to right: Katja Roterwind (in the red), Georgia Rose Malmsey, Archer Lady Cynara deWakelegh (mostly hidden behind Georgia), Merewyn, Ser Owen Godwinesson, Faydra, Sir Flynn Sure-Shot, Chris and Gwendolyn.

The peerage then numbered thusly: Ser Mælgrim Crouthur, Ser Owen Godwinesson, Lady Cynara de Wakelegh, Herr Lanz Lancaster, Sir Flynn of Knightshire, Sir Ralamean of Ramsey, Lady Faelan, and Lady Ceolmhor an Lochard.

The MMCG now sought to recruit new members to their ranks. Also, Owen moved to Missouri and Thomas to Arizona where they attempted to start new branches of the MMCG. The Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild was now a group with direction, purpose and desire--to become a prominent voice for medieval re-creation in the United States.




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