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Much of the activity within the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild revolves around our medieval combat studies and re-creations. These pages explain the system used by the MMCG and also include some articles by members relating to medieval combat re-creation.

Combat Rules

Recreation of medieval combat is a tricky undertaking for the modern enthusiast.  How is one to balance the modern need for safety with the confused, brutality that characterized much of medieval combat?  In its past, the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild has developed many answers to this question before settling on the current set of rules.

Weapon Standards

Equally as important as the system of combat employed in the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild is the weaponry utilized.  A sword that is too light in comparison to its size, or a weapon that has no historical counterpart would not be allowed for use in combat.  Therefore, certain guidelines should be followed when considering what type of weapon or armor to construct, and how to construct it.

Developing Confidence & Technique
     by Lady Faelan
  Alright, I’ll be honest and up- front here, this article is mostly for the girls. Guys, perhaps you can glean some insight as well, but on the whole I’m speaking to those of the feminine persuasion who muster up the courage to approach a bunch of loonies with swords to say, “whatcha doin’?”
Fighting by the Book: Accuracy in Historical Combat Recreation
     by Ser Maelgrim Crowther
  Most of us are familiar with the image of Conan wheeling his mighty blade over his head, or of King Arthur cleaving through hordes of Orkney soldiers with Excalibur.  There are those who think of Drizzt Do'Urden's swirling scimitars or Roland's Saracen-slaying Durendal when we imagine swordplay.  A very few of us even think of William Marshall at the tournament or Sigmund Ringeck teaching his master's techniques ...


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