Events: The 5th Chronicle

Chronicles of the Fifth Mercenary Wars

As told originally by Sir Ralamean of Ramsey in the Book of Patches

Prologue: I suppose that it started out well enough. We arrived a little late partly because I hadn’t done my packing and partly because I had to pick up Chuck, Ryan and T.J. and load up their stuff before I could go. We set up camp more or less without event, and everyone seemed in fairly high spirits. I first sensed that something was amiss during the opening court.

As I looked around at all the familiar faces, I was drawn to four who were unknown to me. I later learned that they were “friends of James” (which figured, I suppose), but the very first thing I thought when I looked at them was “what the hell are they doing here?” They were all dressed like punks, but more so. Obviously, these people weren’t paying attention to a word Maelgrim said, and were busy patently not making friends with anyone else.

Plainly these were the kind of hard-bitten, embittered young rugged individualists who dressed like circus clown on crack to protest the hardships and corruptions of life in a capitalist society. You know, the kind of pro-freedom pioneers who fight the Man, the machine, their moms, or anyone else who tries to “be the boss of them.” In short, they were pure American badass.

Anyway, I could tell that team American Dumbass wasn’t going to fit in very well at Merc Wars. Anyway, opening court went on with some boring safety talks and policy rules. It concluded with the presentation of the white badges of rank to all the current knights, and both teams retired to their respective camps to prepare for battle.

The Caravan Run: Rhyse and Snorri’s Wild Ride

(Here endeth the fragment)



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