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Dec 31, 2013: JULY 27, 2014 THE END OF AN ERA: Well folks, after 20 1/2 years, we're changing gears. We've got two events left in this era of the MMCG, the 20th anniversary capture the flag spectacular on Feb 15, and the FINAL MERCENARY WAR July 25-27, 2014. If you've ever had anything to do with the MMCG, we'd love to see you there! If you've ever had any interest in coming out and participating, we'd love to have you too. While the MMCG will continue to exist, we're walking away from making it a regular thing. We may throw an event together here and there, but regular practice will be a thing of the past. If you want to see the Bens (and maybe some others of us), you'll definately find us at Black Falcon School of Arms practice and likely at SCA events (we've got too much invested in this to just drop Medieval stuff all together). The Facebook page will also continue and is probably the best place to use to contact members and propose events. At any rate, it's been fun. I look forward to getting the chance to hit all of you sometime in the future.
~ Ser Owen Godwinesson

Dec 16, 2012: We've been quite remiss in updating this page for quite some time. This page will be continue to be updated when the fancy strikes us, but we tend to update our Facebook page much more frequently and is a more reliable source for current information.

July 30, 2012: Weekly practice moved to Palmer Park. Also, Bors de Bretagne and Rodgier made squires! Rolls of the Commons updated accordingly.

March 11, 2012: Kingmaker's Tourney page updated.

The Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild, or “The Mercenaries” was created on February 15, 1994 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a non-profit group and has as its mission:

“The Mission of the MMCG is to revive the combat skills of the European Middle Ages (circa 800-1500 A.D.), to further research and accurately depict all aspects of medieval culture, and to create an enjoyable experience for its members.”

Essentially, we are a group dedicated to the safe re-creation of medieval combat. We strive to be accurate in representation of clothing, weapons, armor, techniques, philosophies, and technical skills. In order to maintain our mission, we have created these goals:

  1. To research and study historical sources and physical artifacts in order to further understand the weapons, armor, and techniques of combat used in the Middle Ages.

  1. To create safe and accurate representations of the weapons of the medieval period that can be used in actual combat. These weapons shall be as close in weight, size, and shape as is possible to the medieval weapons they are meant to represent.

  1. To apply the results of said research in both an academic manner and in a practical manner.

  1. To encourage research and re-creation of all other aspects of medieval culture such as clothing, metalwork, music, etc.

  1. To develop an accepting atmosphere where members can feel free to experiment within the confines of the mission.


While we are dedicated to being as accurate as possible, we do not require that our members confine themselves to a certain geographical area or specific time within the 700 year period of the Middle Ages so long as they make a genuine effort to “look the part." We have no desire to exclude those who are unable, either through financial or time constraints, to re-create exact replicas of the clothing or artifacts needed to participate. We are not a “live-role-playing” group and we restrict our members to the real world and do not allow fantasy elements such as magic or personas that are not human. This website is intended to act as a resource for members of the group and for those wishing to know more about our group. If you are interested in more information concerning the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild, or would like to attend one of our events, please refer to the contact page. Below are links to help you navigate through our website.




The Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild is old enough to drive! Check our History page to see how the madness started.



The most exciting parts of our re-creation are, of course, our events.  Being mostly combat-oriented, these events are generally "wars" during which we camp and fight for days at a time, stopping to feast and entertain one another around the fire.



Much of the activity within the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild revolves around our medieval combat studies and re-creations. These pages explain the fighting system.



These pages explain the methods of constructing the sundries required to participate in the MMCG.

Guild Resources


Here you will find articles to help you get started and better understand the workings of the MMCG.



Here you will find articles dealing with the more scholarly side of medieval re-creation.



Interested in what we look like? Or perhaps you're looking for pictures of garb. Look no further than our gallery pages.


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